Friday, 18 September 2015

Various Different Power Systems & Solutions

Various Different Power Systems & Solutions (eg, Totally Offgrid, Battery Backup/s & Gridti) overview; (ALL Tobe PRE planned before any quote design can be issued sufficiently; SUPPOSED to be applied throughout industry):
(All quotes (preferably only on AC energy eco friendly appliances, to be used via SEG ecometrically (= increasing various sustain abilities applied to offgrid Etc) can (in industry actually) only be designed after the eg client has supplied sufficient ENERGY (EcO) SAVING preplanning, ideally applied to all sections interrelatedly, doesn't matter which products sold anywhere, or systems any size/s / types etc) to ease especially e.g. client  management regards; actually facilitating how/ why to use e.g. system/s MOST OPTIMALLY, in turn making it easier (independant) 4 YOU & ultimately sustainable, this is why e.g. NORMALLY turnkeys /related are not done!).
Call SEG Solar concerning solar pumpssolar geysers / other alternatives to replace e.g. Especially ESKOMS 220/380 volt "AC" /& gennies etc; pollutive powers.

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